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Have you had for some time a plan to break up with your girlfriend or boyfriend and now you want to make a radical break in your life? Seriously at Christmas?!

5 Reasons why not to Break up at Christmas!

Eva Ledecká
11.Dec 2018
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Did your other half do something so unforgivable that all they deserve is a Christmas break up? Just hold on a minute and first read our 5 reasons why not to break up at Christmas.

1. Do you seriously want Christmas without any gifts?

If you break up now, you won´t get the gifts you have wished for so much! It is a pity, and shouldn´t you, if for no other reason, at least delay it because of the gifts? 

2. Do you really want to answer all the questions during Christmas in front of the entire family? 

Christmas is the time of family visits and all of them will think it strange that you are there solo, when just a few weeks ago you were saying how everything is well. You will have to either lie, or do a lot of explaining. Both options are unpalatable, don't you think? In January nobody will dwell on it so much.

Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 8
Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 8, Praha 8

3. Christmas will be without the carp or the cookies

The girls will have nobody who would kill the carp for them, and the gentlemen won´t have anyone who would serve them sweets when they watch the tv.

4. Maybe it is just a current crisis of the Christmas stress.

It is possible that how quickly the idea came about, it will just as quickly dissolve. You could soon regret your hasty actions and really nobody will forgive you a Christmas-time breakup!

5. In the eyes of all you will be the worst monster under the sun!

A breakup at Christmas, how could you?! Nobody will praise you for this one, this is simply not to be tolerated anywhere! Wait at least for the New Year's Eve, when it can be smoothed over by some alcohol.


And there is another danger - HELL! Jesus could get angry that you want to attract all the attention to yourself on his birthday (25.12.) and you could end up in hell with Lucifer! So be careful!

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