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November is here and with it the annual event of Movember. Yes, yes, it is all about beards now ...

5 Most Famous Moustaches, that is a Great Inspiration for Movember!

Eva Ledecká
03.Nov 2018
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Dear gentlemen, support the fight against a scary disease and grow a moustache in November. If you still hesitate and do not want to be unfashionable the whole month, let us tell you more about it to help you decide.

We have chosen 5 really famous bearded men, to whom their moustache brought the desired sex appeal or at least supported their individuality. Choose your glorious moustached role model and you will definitely be cool. And do not forget that you are doing this to support a good cause!

Our editorial office says: Let your whiskers grow! :)

On the picture here we have Borat, but we prefer to leave him to the end...

Charlie Chaplin

Can you even imagine Charlie Chaplin without his tiny black moustache? Chaplin was simply very individualistic, as evidenced by his beautifully trimmed moustache. Yes, it is true that a similar one was also sported by the German dictator, so if you choose Chaplin´s style, take care with the correct shape (toward the lips, Chaplin´s was slightly widened)!

Tom Selleck

Gentlemen, be assured that Tom Selleck was in his time a real sex symbol, darling of female audiences. If you look like him, don´t be afraid that you will only seem attractive to older ladies who remember Tom as a young man. Some things do not change ...and the moustache of Tom Selleck will be sexy forever!

Hulk Hogan

Do you feel like a tough guy, who certainly wouldn´t allow looking the whole of November like an ordinary office guy from the end of the century? So check out the luxurious moustache of the most famous wrestler, Hulk Hogan! Do you see? An entirely different league that, isn´t it? It will take a while for your moustache to reach such qualities as his, but the result will be worth it!

Funkcionalistická vila na prodej, Praha-západ
Funkcionalistická vila na prodej, Praha-západ, Okolí Prahy

Freddie Mercury

A music icon, an absolute original, that is Freddie Mercury. A unique is also the shape of his moustache - thick, straight and growing over the corners of his mouth. Only be careful here! If you copy this moustache really well, not only beautiful young girls will fall at your feet, but absolutely everyone! Are you ready for that?


And we came to Borat. We do not think that the majority of you want to look like him. This is not the reason why he is here! Borat is here as a warning! If you make Freddie´s moustache too broad, instead of looking like a heartthrob, you will suddenly look just like this.... simply like Borat! So, be careful, gentlemen.

We cheer and support all men taking a part in Movember and grow a moustache! We firmly believe that in November we´ll see in the streets many Chaplins, Sellecks, Mercury and Hogan lookalikes and perhaps even a few Borats (dressed)!

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