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Get inspired by the first lady, we promise it's gonna be worth it!

5 iconic outfits of Dagmar Havlová. Dress according to the former first lady

Martina Šmalclová
04.Nov 2020
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Dagmar Havlová

Long gowns, elegant ensembles, seductive mini dresses, stylish overall... Dagmar Havlová has worn a great many luxurious and enviable models in her life. Have a look together with LP-Life at the most iconic ones! The first lady has flaunted them on the red carpet, alongside of her husband Václav, or at a film screening in a Prague cinema.

Heading out to see a movie? Wear a jumpsuit and stilletos!

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Dagmar Havlová v tmavém overalu a žlutých lodičkách
Dagmar Havlová v tmavém overalu a žlutých lodičkáchSource: Profimedia

An elegant jumpsuit, glam and stilletos are always a safe bet. Dagmar Havlová is well aware of this, which is why she headed to the screening of the movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood wearing a dark jumpsuit, a glossy jacket and yellow pumps, a gold pochette in her hand. If you want to follow in her footsteps, try luxury brands Lili Lotan, Peserico, Aquazzura and Jérôme Dreyfuss. These four go together amazingly well!

Černý blazer Nili LotanGo to the store
Černý blazer Nili Lotan

Luxusní penthouse na Praze 1 - 226m
Luxusní penthouse na Praze 1 - 226m, Praha 1

Černý overal PesericoGo to the store
Černý overal Peserico
Žluté lodičky AquazzuraGo to the store
Žluté lodičky Aquazzura
Psaníčko Jérôme DreyfussGo to the store
Psaníčko Jérôme Dreyfuss

Lili Lotan Jacket CZK 24,882

Peserico Jumpsuit CZK 18,071

Aquazzura Pumps CZK 16,578

Jérôme Dreyfuss Pochette CZK 8,423 CZK

Total oufit price CZK 67,954

Sexy, yet tasteful

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Dagmar Havlová v černých šatech po boku Václava Havla
Dagmar Havlová v černých šatech po boku Václava HavlaSource: Profimedia

Even a first lady can be sexy without offending the public eye! This black dress with a V slit in the front and a slightly exposed cleavage, which Dagmar Havlová donned in 2006, is proof of that. She appeared in it alongside her husband Václav at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. What do you say, will you invite a bit of dramatic tulle in your closet too?

Černé šaty Dolce & GabbanaGo to the store
Černé šaty Dolce & Gabbana

Černé lodičky Stuart Weitzman_Go to the store
Černé lodičky Stuart Weitzman_

Černá kabelka PradaGo to the store
Černá kabelka Prada

Dolce & Gabbana Dress CZK 61,977

Prada Handbag CZK 54,089

Stuart Weitzman Pumps CZK 9,391

Total oufit price CZK 125,457

Electric Blue

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Dagmar Havlová v modrých šatech
Dagmar Havlová v modrých šatechSource: Profimedia

This blue robe with a train was also worn by the former first lady at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival, this time five years ago. Few people know that the dress actually comes from the Slovak actress Lenka Vacvalová and her ALAE team. If the so-called Electric Blue happens to be also your favorite color, then the luxury piece from Talbot Runhof is your best bet. Complete the dress with gold Yuul Yie shoes on a low heel, which promise to be absolutely comfortable.

Modré šaty Talbot RunhofGo to the store
Modré šaty Talbot Runhof
Zlatá obuv Yuul YieGo to the store
Zlatá obuv Yuul Yie

Talbot Runhof Dress CZK 53,660

Yuul Yie Pumps CZK 13,143

Total outfit price CZK 66,803

A timeless classic

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Dagmar Havlová a Václav Havel
Dagmar Havlová a Václav HavelSource: David Kundrát /CNC/Profimedia

The third outfit we have chosen for you is another of Dagmar Havlová's KVIFF models. She wore this one in 2006. The tube dressed combined with a white top that can be unbuttoned if needed are a great and timeless choice. However, President Václav Havel looks like he'd accidentally picked one size larger trousers and spent the rest of the evening trying to prevent a fashion disaster from happening.

Bílá halenka na knoflíky FramedGo to the store
Bílá halenka na knoflíky Framed
Šedé šaty Dolce & Gabbana Go to the store
Šedé šaty Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana dress CZK 14,791

Top Framed CZK 5,048

Total outfit price CZK 19,839

Play of colors

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Dagmar Havlová a Václav Havel
Dagmar Havlová a Václav HavelSource: Profimedia

In this case, Dagmar Havlová showed more than would be appropriate for a first lady, but we forgive her! The purple-green mini dress with long sleeves is the perfect choice for any occasion. Bet on a playful mix of colors, too! Choose a similar dress to Dagmar's and complete it with light jewelry. As for shoes, the La Doublej dress will look amazing with cream-colored ones, and in the case of Solace London, black pumps are literally a must!

La Doublej Dress CZK 18,221

Solace London Dress CZK 24,643

Which outfit is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

Šaty La DoublejGo to the store
Šaty La Doublej
Šaty Solace LondonGo to the store
Šaty Solace London

Luxusní penthouse na Praze 1 - 226m
Luxusní penthouse na Praze 1 - 226m, Praha 1

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