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Twiggy, Lady Diana, Audrey Hepburn, Madonna or for example Jackie Kennedy. Fashion icons of the 20th century are probably well-known to you but which ladies excel in the twenty-first?

5 Fashion Icons of the 21st Century; it is Worthwhile to Look upon them for Inspiration

Martina Šmalclová
25.Aug 2018
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1. Chiara Ferragni: From a blogger to a world influencer

The thirty-one year old Italian designer is considered to be one of the most important fashion influencers. She started her career through her blog The Blonde Salad and subsequently established her cooperation with many major brands including Louis Vuitton or Tod's. Chiara´s wardrobe includes everything from minimalist models up to pieces of bold colours and cuts - simply perfection!


2) Olivia Palermo: A wardrobe of luxurious mixes

Beautiful Olivia Palermo has been enjoying the limelight as fashion icon of the 21st century for years. Olivia´s scope is really wide. She puts on not only simple and easily-combinable pieces, boho style or sports elegance, but also outfits from which the word ´luxury´ literally oozes. It seems that Olivia Palermo will not leave the fashion limelight very easily.

3) Kate Middleton: The Duchess is not afraid to put on an off-the-peg item

The wardrobe of the Duchess of Cambridge is characterised mainly by elegant style, as imposed by royal etiquette. Therefore we can most frequently see her in luxury colourful suits, coats or hats. However, in her leisure time or less formal events, the wife of Prince William wears casual clothes and it is no secret that she often reaches for high street labels available also to mere mortals. Great!

Prodej exkluzivní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice
Prodej exkluzivní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice, Praha 4

4) Rihanna: Angel with a devil side

In our TOP5 rankings we cannot miss out energetic Rihanna. She often pioneers new and original trends (she was the first to put on plastic high heels by Jimmy Choo), she is the face of many fashion labels, or she directly participates on some luxury collections - for example Puma or Manolo Blahnik.

5) Anna Della Russo: In the spirit of controversy and courage

We have kept journalist Anna Della Russo to round up the selection. Although the controversial Italian is approaching sixty and her face easily betrays it, she cheerfully continues to put on luxury pieces meant for younger women. In general, her style is perfectly executed and worth to be followed. Just remember one rule, that some outfits over a certain age make one look like mutton dressed as a lamb.


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