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When you see these jewels, you will be overcome with admiration - and silent envy.

5 engagement rings that will make you envy these famous beauties! Gentlemen, are you inspired yet?

Martina Šmalclová
13.Nov 2019
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Three salaries? That's not enough!

There is one unwritten rule regarding the engagement ring - men should spend at least three monthly salaries on it. These famous beauties are fortunate enough to have partners who went all out and spent way more than three "measly" salaries!

Kate Middleton: A divine sapphire inherited from Lady Di

The beautiful Duchess of Cambridge received a legendary ring of eighteen carat oval sapphire studded with fourteen diamonds from her husband Prince William. This luxury piece of jewelry had been worn by the much beloved Princess Diana herself. It comes from the workshop of the jewelry house Gerrard & Co and its price is now estimated at 11.500.000 crowns!

Fiance: Prince William

Designer: Gerrard & Co

Estimated price: CZK 11.500.000

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Kate a William
Kate a William Source: Profimedia

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Meghan Markle: She is the designer of her own ring

Not to be outdone, Prince William's younger brother Harry personally designed a divine piece of yellow gold adorned with three large diamonds, two of which come from the private collection of Lady Di, for his chosen one Meghan Markle. But it wouldn't be Meghan, who enjoys breaking the royal rules, if she didn't have it her own way and adjusted the ring a few months ago according to her own wishes. And we simply can't decide which version we like more, but one thing is for sure - both are luxurious!

Luxusní dům na prodej, okolí Prahy - 298m
Luxusní dům na prodej, okolí Prahy - 298m, Okolí Prahy

Fiance: Prince Harry

Designer: Cleave and Company

Estimated price: CZK 7.500.000

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Do you like the combination of gold and diamonds? If so, you will be amazed by the pieces of jewelry from WOUTERS & HENDRIX GOLD or Pomellato.

Sofia Vergara: Unsurpassed luxury

In 2014, Colombian-American actress, presenter and model Sofia Vergara received a seven-carat diamond platinum ring from her fiance Joe Manganiello, who has since become her husband. Its price is estimated at an incredible 11.500.000 crowns, similar to Kate Middleton's ring.

Fiance: Joe Manganiello

Estimated price: CZK 11.500.000

Princess Beatrice of York: Divine minimalism

It looks like you'd have to marry into the royal family in order to get a ring that will make you weak in your knees! British princess Beatrice, daughter of Andrew, Duke of York and Sarah, Duchess of York, received a divine diamond ring from her fiance Edoard Mapelli Mozzi, designed in the spirit of minimalism. It was created by Shaun Leane and its price is estimated at almost 3.000.000 crowns.

Fiance: Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi

Designer: Shaun Leane

Estimated price: CZK 3.000.000

Get inspired by Beatrice's style and bet on immortal minimalism.

Reese Witherspoon: Legally blonde

The legally blonde Reese Witherspoon received a unique four-carat diamond from Jim Toth. She has been married to the talent scout for 8 years now, and it seems that the piece from Ashoka by William Goldberg brought them luck. The price of the ring is estimated at 10.350.000 crowns.

Fiance: Jim Toth

Designer: Ashoka by William Goldberg

Estimated price: CZK 10.350.000

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