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5 Design Absolute Must-Have Pieces from a Trade Fair in Cologne

Eva Ledecká
14.Mar 2019
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Schramm Origins

Are you interested in modern design, quality furniture and new trends? Let yourself be inspired by professionals! Who are those? Those who exhibit at prestigious design and furniture fairs, such as the IMM fair, which took place in January in Cologne.

Together with the Prague Stopka Showroom we've selected several unique innovations for modern interiors. And what do you say to these pieces?

Whether in white or dark ruby red, these two Schramm beds simply cannot be overlooked.

We fell in love with the minimalist Purebed with removable textile cover. We like the simplicity and purity of its timeless design. We are also enthusiastic about the very daring model, Origins, in velvet finish in the shade of wild burgundy red (Ella). It is fresh, original, and we certainly would like to laze away the entire Sunday in it! And any Sunday after that ...

The bench seat Riva 1920 amazes by its raw finish, from which you cannot tear your eyes away

Wood, leather, mix of dark brown and metallic grey. A luxurious combination suitable for modern interiors with a modicum of industrial style. If you don´t favour joyous colours, patterns and ornaments, while you like the natural spirit of these products, there is bench seat SEQUOIA 2.0 with the seat of solid wood, it is sure to astonish you. The seating as well as the backrest parts feature large cushions covered by leather or fabric with visible stitching. This design accurately captures the current style of interior design, which we want to reflect in our interiors.

Prodej luxusního bytu 5+kk Praha 7 - Bubeneč
Prodej luxusního bytu 5+kk Praha 7 - Bubeneč, Praha 7

Two designs Walter Knoll for those who respect the classic style

Classic 1950s design with a modern uptake - that is Walter Knoll. We have specifically selected the iconic sofa Living Landscape 755 with variable orientation, designed for open modern living areas. Don't miss out and have a look at the Vostra Wood chairs, reminiscent of interiors of our great-grandparents. Simply a timeless classic piece, which you will never get tired of.

From the other designs which are worth seeing in person, we recommend those by the Rolf Benz brand. What will specifically win you over is detailed in our article: 3 Design Tips of Rolf Benz from Stopka Prague Showroom.

The Stopka Showroom should definitely be one of the stops on your journey to your dream home!

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