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The fact that fashion is creative and that designers are capable of almost anything has been known for a long time now. How is it with fashion and plastics?

5 Current Collections of Plastic!

Dominika Žejdl
22.May 2018
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Chanel SS 2018

Plastics first appeared in 1862, when a strange material was presented at industrial exhibition in London; it was hard but flexible and very well modifiable. Such that quite successfully ruins our planet. It was been invented by Alexander Parkes, the material was therefore called parkesin. This discovery stood at the beginning of the plastic revolution.

Today's fashion world is absolutely infatuated with this material, trying to make out of it anything possible. We would like to introduce to you the current collections of world-class fashion houses in which plastic plays one of the main roles!

Plastic obsession of 2018: one great trend!

Fashion of 2018 is certainly original! A whole number of fashion designers made use of this material. For someone interesting, for another repulsive fashion collections, in which plastic is the basic material, were introduced into the world of fashion by luxury brands such as Chanel, Prada, Calvin Klein, Burberry and Jimmy Choo. 

Jimmy Choo and his collection inspired by Princess Diana 

A collection of luxury shoes that you cannot overlook in the street: that is the collection of Jimmy Choo, who once again shocked by his imagination and creativity! This collection for Spring/Summer 2018 is inspired by Princess Diana and is decorated - what else - by PVC material. The luxurious high heels, boots and other footwear coated by plastic are according to Jimmy Choo a MUST HAVE piece. 

Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem
Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem, Praha 1

Transparent and sinfully expensive Prada handbag

Plastic handbags were for a change presented by the luxury fashion brand, Prada. While it is a handbag made of PVC material and its content will be seen by all, you will nevertheless have to shell out a tidy sum. Would you believe that this fashionable piece costs at least 25,000 Czech crowns?

At Fashion Week, Chanel showed off PVC accessories

Chanel fashion house boasts of luxury fashion. However, this year´s collection featuring PVC accessories was at first glance surprising and shocking for many.  Those who were first startled changed their mind during the show, thinking that they simply must have this. Transparent hats, caps, shoes, umbrellas and jackets will take the streets by storm. Do you have such a piece at home, too?

The iconic Burberry jackets made of PVC 

You can truly see that plastic has become a great trend in the world of fashion. It was evident also in the collection of SS 2018 of the Burberry fashion house. It presented several iconic trench coats made of PVC material and other unique pieces. You will definitely not be soaked through if it rains.  

Calvin Klein collection containing pieces made of plastic

Same as the Burberry fashion house, the luxury brand of Calvin Klein also came up with plastic jackets which at the same time work as a rain jacket. And dress enthusiasts will even be able to find PVC dresses!

These days, plastic is simply material number one. The question remains whether this path leads in the right direction.

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