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5 Craziest Christmas Sweaters which you Will Buy even though they Cost a Fortune!

Ornella Koktová
27.Nov 2018
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Winter is a season which will compel you to don warm sweaters, socks and luxurious furs. It is also the Christmas period which motivates fashion labels to design the most interesting sweater EVER. Sometimes it is more of a horror made out of premium Scottish wool or luxury cashmere rather than materialisation of a fairytale idea. 

And that is precisely what you will be convinced of seeing my TOP 5 craziest Christmas sweaters! Can you resist these? Believe me, a lot of people cannot.

1. GUCCI - like a crazy Snow White

We all associate Christmas with carols, sweets, schnitzels, potato salad, gifts, but also with fairy-tales. And it is precisely through inspiration by this fairytale atmosphere that the Gucci fashion house came up with a sweater which celebrates famous Snow White. Unfortunately, the wide-angle sequin concept of poor Snow White created a scary impersonation gobbling up an apple, with such staring irises that even Morrison in 1970 wouldn´t be ashamed of!

The price: CZK 80,500,-.

2. GUCCI - a cake for a Turkish Sultan

The second piece which I shall present to you is again by Gucci. This time round it is black with overly luxurious decorations. It consists of a giant bow, countless frills, crystals, several brooches, tons of huge pearls and, to finish it off, mink borders over the shoulders. It looks as though everything good went into this cake for a Turkish Sultan. Now just imagine the horror in your eyes when you get a gift for almost a hundred thousand crowns which you couldn´t even give away to your best friend. This is just bad luck!

The price: CZK 91,540,-.

Prodej funkcionalistické vily Praha - 360m
Prodej funkcionalistické vily Praha - 360m, Praha 8

3. Altuzarra Powell - like a waiter on the run

Then there is a black sweater by Altuzarra Powell which is embellished by some kind of sequined vest reminiscent of Santa helpers´ uniform. But when you turn down the alternative by Santa Claus, there is a certain similarity to the vest of the main character of the iconic film "Waiter scarper!" (1981). And let us put it bluntly: none of us wants to look like a waiter on the run, do we?

The price: CZK 18,354,-.

4. Marc Jacobs - like a Christmas carp

Translated, the poem goes something like this: "dressed in a diving suit, onward swam a fish, a mistake was made somewhere if it put on this, If I swim past it, I´ll pat its head. A carp should wear a different outfit! A sweater under the scales.” Well, it rhymes in Czech, but nevertheless somehow like that one could describe the concept of the Marc Jacobs pullover. Do I want to look like a shiny carp with buttons? Come on…

The price: CZK 19,320,-.

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 5 – 327m2
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 5 – 327m2, Praha 5

5. Thom Browne - like a luxurious Popeye the Sailor

American designer residing in New York, Thom Browne is not so well known here. However, he can attract attention excellently! On the one hand, although ´sailing-inspired´ Christmas from some port is fantastic, but on the other hand, who would want to drag a five-kilo sweater around? I wouldn´t.

The price: CZK 116,518,-.

And what´s the lesson learned? Money can't buy style, and a hand-made knitted sweater from your grandmother will warm you most of all!

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