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This is not a tutorial on how to dress for a Christmas party. This is a manual on how to turn into a perfect, luxurious Hollywood star!

3 stars of Christmas parties: Turn into Marilyn, Audrey or Carrie!

Eva Ledecká
30.Nov 2018
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1 minute

Every year it's the same, you know it well. The company Christmas party is approaching and you're wondering what to do to make it not too boring, but not too "embarrassing", either. What if everyone comes in jeans and only you in a dress or vice versa?

Santa's hat is outdated!

In the end, you will wear something red, something glittering, perhaps a more luxurious piece with a Christmas motif (avoid the reindeer sweater because you know there will be at least four of them). Put a flashing Santa's hat on your hea and off you go! Great...but so typical!

Proměna v Marilyn Monroe
Proměna v Audrey Hepburn
Proměna v Carrie Bradshaw

We have something better for you – a genius trick!

If you turn yourself into a Hollywood star, you will not have to worry about anything! You will be charming, original, fun and you will be the absolute star of any Christmas party! And our editors will help you.

They transformed into Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and SJP aka Carrie Bradshaw, and they will tell you how you can do it! If you thought the girl in the photo was the divine Marilyn, you were wrong! She's her fan, our editor, the divine Dominika!

A Christmas party that will not be forgotten!

Do you want to become the divine Marilyn, elegant Audrey or stylish Carrie? If our editors managed it, so can you. In each of the 3 parts of this special series, we bring you tips on how to choose a hairstyle and make it look as authentic as possible. Part of the video is about makeup and hairstyle and you are not deprived of quotes and stories from the life of these famous stars.

Forget the reindeer horns and Santa Claus, it's the time of "starry parties" and you will shine at them!

Click if you want to turn into:





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