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What are the most visited places over the Christmas holidays? It is the city of Bethlehem in Israel, Santa´s village in Finland and Vienna in Austria. These cities face an incredible, massive influx of tourists!

3 Luxurious Places Bursting in Seams during Christmas!

Mgr. Jana Höger
21.Dec 2018
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If you want to experience Christmas atmosphere in a different manner, untraditionally and with all the trimmings, just quickly pack your bags and don´t delay any longer! Nativity scene - it all started here.

The tourist season starts for Bethlehem.

Anyone who wants to experience something unusual travels to this Israeli metropolis. Some hotels report having filled their capacity already. Who wouldn't wish to see a luxury sixteen-metre, magnificently decorated Christmas tree? Who would not wish to look into the Basilica of the Nativity at the Manger Square? Because underneath this temple there is a unique system of limestone caves, the place where Jesus was born. The exact spot is indicated by a fourteen-point star.

Santa Claus Village - magical hamlet

Santa Claus Village is to be found in Lapland beyond the northern arctic circle, 8 km from Rovaniemi and is the official address of residence of Santa Claus. By plane it may be reached in 12 hours with one changeover in Helsinki. The white-bearded grandfather has a mail box here for secret children´s wishes. Fairytale atmosphere will breathe at you in a traditional room flooded by warm light or a reindeer ride. But there are queues, because everyone wants to be able to see Santa and his magical sleigh.

Prodej luxusního rodinného domu, Praha 5 - 214
Prodej luxusního rodinného domu, Praha 5 - 214, Praha 5

Vienna and its traditional markets are attraction number 1

For visitors this is a feast not only for the eyes, but also other senses, you will be quite overwhelmed. From mid-November the well-known square, Rathausplatz, is filled by Christmas melodies, everything is sparkling and luxuriously decorated. The main scents are that of hot punch and roasted almonds. Luxurious gifts for your loved ones may be purchased at one of 150 stands. You can also warm yourself up at the rink of three thousand square metres. An attraction for those in love is a luxurious tree decorated by illuminated red hearts - Herzerlbaum. The festive mood here is infectious.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

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