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Creative and original campaigns created to go against commercial representation of love!

3 of the Harshest Anti-St. Valentine´s Campaigns

Mgr. Jana Höger
30.Jan 2019
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The "St. Valentine's madness” is getting close again. An avalanche of men and women will flood the shops in order to win the heart of their loved one by getting the right present. When given the command we all have to reveal out love on 14th February!


We would like to present ´anti-Valentine´ campaigns for those who don´t respect proclaiming of love when commanded!

Moo sarkastické pohlednice

St. Valentine massacre with a chainsaw!

Definitely worth considering is anti-Valentine gift for your dear half in the form of a chainsaw. Texas-based advertising agency, Bakery, has come up with a heavy calibre: it shot a campaign called Wreck Valentine's Day Roses, which opens by beautiful Straus´ waltz and you get beautiful luxury roses. But the fairy tale turns into a horror! In your ears blasts Carmina Burana and you realise you are watching a ´trim´, i.e .execution of the roses by a chainsaw. 

Shred your love

One of the many other anti-Valentine´s campaigns is the one called ShredYoueEx, for which is responsible corporate policy of "McKinney's Ten Percent". It is sufficient to post a photo of chosen former partners on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #ShredYourEx. The whole action in the form of digital luxury shredder may be watched on 

Luxusní penthouse na Praze 1 - 226m
Luxusní penthouse na Praze 1 - 226m, Praha 1

The British postcard producer, Moo, has a different take of anti-Valentine. It came up with cards for those in love, spiced up by sarcasm. You may get, or give someone a luxury Valentine´s card, which reads: 

"You say that St. Valentine´s is silly, commercialised and much over-rated holiday, but when I don´t give you a card, you complain. So fine: here you go. Happy?"


“Nothing says ´you are exceptional´ so well as mass-produced sentimental messages written by someone else. Such as this one."

It is not about sabotaging of love, but it is not about one sweet day in the year!

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