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We bring you skilled artists who raise the confectionery art to a whole new level.

3 confectioners whose work belongs in a contemporary art museum

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12.May 2019
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Contemporary confectioners are changing conventions. Their cakes are a proof of sculptural skill!

Cakes decorated with mere marzipan and all sorts of cream are no longer in the viewfinder of both confectioners and end customers. Today, the field of diversity is much wider. Creative confectioners decorate their luxurious pieces in an unprecedented way, they are works of art!

Meet 3 creative artists whose cakes will blow your mind:

1. Dinara Kasko - math cakes are her realm

Dinara Kasku from Ukraine could be considered an architect. She adds the beauty of maths and sculpting to her cakes. As she says: "I am inspired by the beauty of lines, folds, and patterns." Each of her masterpieces is made using 3D printed forms. She has also fallen in love with origami, and with admiration she creates all sorts of impressive shapes. Even when cutting her cakes you will not regret, they are stuffed with, for instance, nuts, caramel cheese and apples.

Prodej luxusního domu, Praha - západ - 414 m2
Prodej luxusního domu, Praha - západ - 414 m2, Okolí Prahy

2. Architectural luxury gems by Madina and Tortik Yavorskaya

The Madina and Tortik Yavorskaya siblings own the Moscow confectionery Tortik Annushka, where aesthetic cakes are made. Madina, academically trained in fine arts and Tortik, who is close to architecture, is based on organic and asymmetric patterns that radiate avant-garde approach.

“Creating one cake can take a week. Ideas just come to us and sometimes appear as soon as we experiment,” Madina adds.

3. Jasmine Rae offers people a "ticket" to the world of visual paradise

Confectioner Jasmine Rae based in San Francisco and designs luxury desserts and cakes inspired by fine art. She creates cakes with texture and unique details. She likes rice paper flowers and frills supplemented with abstract patterns. The cornerstone of her work is the natural process of relying on experience and constant reaction to the cake as it evolves.

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