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The Czech Lion awards have found their owners.

26. Czech Lion Awards: Surprised Issová, touched Boková and happy Křenková

Jana Fikotová
23.Mar 2019
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On Saturday night, the Rudolfinum in Prague was flooded by the largest number of Czech artists per square meter. The Czech Lion film awards were announced here!

The title of the best film went to Winter Flies by Olma Omerzu, who was also named the best director of the year. The actor Karel Dobrý and actress Jenováfa Boková won the awards for their acting performance in leading roles.

“I am overjoyed, I want to thank the academy and I’d like to say that I'm glad that I can make movies in the Czech Republic and be a part of the Czech cinematography. I want to thank all the co-workers, actors, Eliška Křenková, who helped me prepare the boys, and Peter Pýcha for his script that really inspired me,” Omerzu said.

Jenováfa Boková from Moments received the Best actress in a leading role award:

"I'd like to thank the academy for putting my award last because waiting here was so nice," Boková said. "Most of all, I want to thank Beata (the director Beata Parkan) for believing in me, even though people kept saying I wasn't a good fit for the role."

The Best actor in a leading role award went to Karel Dobrý from the film the Hastrman.

Martha Issová won the Exceptional feat in the area of audio-visual arts award for her performance in the Dukla 61 miniseries.

"I've got to tell you, I'm completely shocked. I wouldn't have even dreamt about being an extraordinary audiovisual asset. Although I've been preparing a thank-you speech for when I receive an award ever since I was little, I don't know what to say, because I really, really wasn't expecting this," Issova said when accepting her award.

The Best actress in a supporting role award went to Eliška Křenková for the film Winter Flies. In the men's category, the beginning actor Jan František Uher from Winter Flies was the winner.

"Now I'm feeling weak. I would like to thank my family, my grandfather, my grandmother, my mother, my dad, my brothers and Eliška, for the work she's done with us. And Olma and the staff, everyone, who helped me with the film," he said.

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 9 - 123m
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 9 - 123m, Praha 9

Major Awards:

Film: Winter Flies

Director: Olmo Omerzu (Winter Flies)

Actor in a leading role: Karel Dobrý (The Hastrman)

Actress in a leading Role: Jenovéfa Boková (Moments)

Actor in a supporting role: Jan František Uher (Winter Flies)

Actress in a supporting role: Eliška Křenková (Winter Flies)

Documentary feature: King Skate

Screenplay: Petr Pýcha (Winter Flies)

Cinematography: Diviš Marek (The Hastrman)

Film editing: Jana Vlčková (Winter Flies)

Sound: Jan Šulcek, Jakub Jurásek, David Titěra (Domestique)

Music: Petr Wajsar (The Hastrman)

Stage Design: Jan Švankmajer, Václav Švankmajer (Insects)

Costumes: Eva Kotková (The Hastrman)

Makeup and hairstyling: Zdeněk Klika (The Magic Quill)

Exceptional feat in the area of audio-visual arts: Martha Issová (Dukla 61)

Unique contribution to Czech film: Věra Plívová-Šimková

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