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Forget bath salt. We have better tips how to relax for you.

21st century relaxation: Fancy a bath in soup, hay, wine or champagne?

Karolína Lišková
28.Nov 2020
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Žena ve vaně s květy

If you feel you have too much on your mind, whether due to coronavirus measures or the approaching Christmas holidays, it's time to look for an escape route. One thing you can do is have a pleasant bath in the comfort of your home, enriched by well-chosen essences. Alternatively, you can visit a spa - they remain open even under current measures. The choicess are literally endless. You can enjoy your luxurious experience, for example, in a golden bathtub. Or would you prefer having a bath in wine? You wouldn't be the first...

Bathing in gold

Haven't had a bath in a golden bathtub yet? If you'd like to try, you can enjoy this experience in Jurkovič's house in Luhačovice, as part of a spa procedure called carbonic bath. Not only does such a bath adjust one's blood pressure, but it also has a possitive effect on the immune and nervous system, heart, blood vessels or lungs. What's more, its shimmering gold hues will make you feel as though you have immersed yourself in champagne bubbles!

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Zlatá vana v Jurkovičově domě.
Zlatá vana v Jurkovičově domě. Source: archiv Lázně Luhačovice

Radon water

In Lázně Jáchymov you can, for a change, submerge yourself in the strongest radon water in Europe.

"Radon baths have mainly an anti-inflammatory effect and at the same time, they relieve pain, improve joint mobility, muscle blood circulation and wound healing, in addition to having a positive effect on blood pressure,"

Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

explains doctor Jindřich Maršík, adding that the spa has been treating diseases of the musculoskeletal and circulatory system or complications of diabetes for more than a century.

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Muž v radonové lázni.
Muž v radonové lázni.Source: archiv Léčebné lázně Jáchymov

Effective ingredients in the comfort of your home

In addition to baths that rely on the effects of a natural healing spring, both big and small spa visitors can also benefit from baths in water enriched with various active ingredients. For example oats.

"Oatmeal baths have a beneficial effect on the skin, which makes them a suitable procedure, for example, in the treatment of atopic eczema, as they soothe irritated skin,"

describes medical director Jana Rydlová, chief physician of the children's hospitals of Lázně Luhačovice, adding:

"What's more, this bath can easily be enjoyed at home, either in the form of a pre-prepared oatmeal bath, which is available in pharmacies or drugstores, or by using classic oatmeal."

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Žena ve vaně
Žena ve vaněSource: Profimedia

And there are plenty of other bath ingredients for you to choose from, be it essences or herbs, such as spruce, which is used against rhinitis and for the overall relaxation of the respiratory tract.

Spa with a mysterious story

If you like a wellness with a story to go with your relaxation, head to the Slovak spa Rajecké Teplice, where a safe with a massive metal door lies hidden in the luxurious bar Cabaret Aphrodite in the hotel Aphrodite Palac. The Czech coronation jewels were briefly stored inside it in 1938. Moreover, you can bathe here all year round. The local thermal springs have been famous for centuries through their healing and relaxing effects.

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Slovenské lázně Rajecké Teplice.
Slovenské lázně Rajecké Teplice.Source: archiv Slovenské liečebné kúpele

A jewel in the heart of Iceland

Blue Lagoon - that's the name of probably the most famous geothermal swimming pool on the planet. It's located in Iceland, the water is milky blue and has fascinating effects on human health. Therefore, few people realize that they're actually enjoying a healing bath in the wastewater of the local power plant. It is one of the most well-known thermal baths in the world - you swim here in the middle of a lava field in milky, slightly bluish water with a temperature of about 38 °C, you can't see the bottom and there is a geothermal power plant next to you.

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Modrá laguna
Modrá lagunaSource: Profimedia

Teri Hatcher and her elixir of youth

For those who do not want to go too far for experiences, there are many spas available both in Prague and in its vicinity. Beer spas have become a sought after rarity not only for beer enthusiasts. They are perfect for the regeneration of an exhausted organism. But you can also bathe in wine or coffee, sake or green tea. For example, American actress Teri Hatcher revealed the secret of her youthful appearance. She bathes in red wine and claims her skin is more elastic and radiant thanks to that.

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Tery Hatcher
Tery HatcherSource: Profimedia

Soup not only for lunch

If you wan't to experience something truly exceptional, a bath in soup is the way to go. Even the tub in which the customer is seated looks like a soup bowl and it's filled with warm broth with pepper, garlic and collagen. This combination nourishes the skin and boosts metabolism. All this can be found in the Japanese spa Junessun.

A hay bath, on the other hand, is Italy's speciality. First, they'll wrap your body in a canvas full of moist, fragrant hay from mountain herbs, and then you'll sit down in a warm bath. The active substances are absorbed through your skin, relieving pain and other problems your body might have. And the Czeh Spa Velichovky offers an exotic xylop bath, in which extract from the seeds and pods of the African tree xylosa aethiopica is dissolved in hot water. The bath is excellent for the treatment of inflammation.

So, do you already know which form of relaxation you'll choose?

Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

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