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The company Caviar introduced a unique iPhone collection aimed at celebrating the greatest American presidents!

100 000 Kč for a golden Kennedy? An iPhone celebrating USA presidents!

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27.Feb 2019
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Limited edition with US presidents

America honours its presidents, and always views them in hindsight with particular respect. Which is why the company Caviar came with this fantastic idea: it decided to glorify the greatest American presidents. This product line introduces a special series with respect to the two models of smartphones of the brand Apple – iPhone XS and XS Max with portraits of the famous four presidents.

The smart phone is especially unique due to it being hand made. The production of a single model took approximately 10 days and contains 24 carat gold. Every one of the 4 luxury phones has not only a likeness of a famous president, but also an engraved quote that is most associated with each president. Such words which will never lose their meaning:

‚The constitution is the guide, that I will never abandon.’

This is a quote by George Washington (president in the years 1789/1797, who laid the foundation of the American states and democracy, and is considered to be the ‘founding father of USA’

Prodej funkcionalistické vily Praha - 360m
Prodej funkcionalistické vily Praha - 360m, Praha 8

‘I’m a slow walker, but I never walk back.’

Said by Abraham Lincoln (president in the years 1867-1865), the most popular president, who was an inspiring example of humanism and justice.

‘The one thing we have to fear is fear itself.’

Franklin Delano Roosvelt (president in the years 1933-1945) was a great reformer, who didn’t tremble from fear nor worry. That is why his portrait on the iPhone is underlined by these words.

‘The best road to progress is freedom’s road’

That is a quote by J.F.Kennedy (president in the years 1961-1963), who knew how to be persuasive with his charisma, and with his righteous ways led the country to prosperity.


The prices for the standard version, which means with a storage size of 64 GB, are all unified: 5080 dollars. You will have to pay 10 dollars more, if you want Washington, but it doesn’t matter what type of iPhone you choose. If you’d like the version with 512 GB, the price is set at 5770 dollars. Don’t hesitate for too long, the luxury presidential edition is produced in a limited number of 99 units.

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