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I bring you the top 10 gifts that even you may be afraid to find under the Christmas tree. What gifts are your "nightmare"?

The 10 worst Christmas presents: Do not give these to anyone!

Mgr. Jana Höger
22.Nov 2018
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Christmas presents

It is worthwhile to wait or should we just ask

Shopping for presents is in full swing. Often out of desperation from not knowing what to give we buy all sorts of things. However, it is sometimes worthwhile to get to know the person. Even if your gesture is beautiful, it does not have to be successful. Do not buy these 10 gifts anymore!

Sweater, Christmas
Snail - do you want this??
Grinch as Donald Trump - amazing gift

1. A Christmas sweater from a second hand with a hole in it?

A funny gift? No, this is a nightmare! But even such gifts can appear under the Christmas tree. You will make yourself look like a fool and may even offend the person concerned. Must it happen on Christmas Eve and in front of the whole family? You really don't want that...

2. Why not an entire farm

Pets are a Christmas evergreen. This is why the shelters are full after the New Year. You may have thought of something original: give a cute original pet like a marten or a small Mexican piggy. Do not do it anymore, the person may end up with three or more animals! And what will he do with them?

There is one more big downside: it’s hard to pack and makes strange sounds...;)

Prodej luxusního rodinného domu, Praha 5 - 214
Prodej luxusního rodinného domu, Praha 5 - 214, Praha 5

3. A luxury steak cooking course for vegetarians

If you are not sure whether the person eats meat, do not try this. Vegetarians are not ones to joke with. It could also mean the end of your friendship. Christmas or no Christmas!

4. A live snail

We must mention something really special – a live snail. Either you want to give someone a large dose of cosmetic charge (today, "snail slime" is a very popular thing, but we do not recommend it for weaker stomachs), or is it the intention of trying the French way of dining and cook it?

5. Underwear

There is no bigger faux-pas than getting underwear in the wrong size, no matter what kind. Granny pants will surely put a smile on no one’s lips.

6. A mop

Nobody expects to unwrap a luxury mop after a gala dinner with great pomp at Christmas. And especially if they have carpets at home. Don’t you agree?

7. The so-called traveling gifts

The name speaks for itself. The gift you gave someone for their birthday suddenly appears under the Christmas tree with your name tag! What a strange cycle???!!! Try to imagine that excited expression with the words: "I really wasn’t expecting that!"

8. 10 kg of luxury washing powder

Especially accompanied by the words: "You use it, don't you, dear?" People, it’s Christmas, let's give each other nice presents!

9. Cloths for the windscreen

Nothing says "I care about you" better than luxury windshield cloths.

10. And the socks, again

Some people wish for them every time, and others are sick of them. "Soft gifts" everywhere you look. Try something more original next time!

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